At Pixie Dust Healing we believe true healing comes from sources not fully understood and often from within. Our motto is, “You bring the faith and trust – we supply the pixie dust.” If you open your mind to infinite possibilities, the power of healing can often be found from natural essences, homeopathic remedies, and energy therapies; things that to pure science seem to be “pixie dust.” Healing isn’t always about attaching a diagnosis or a label to symptoms or understanding biological processes. Sometimes it’s about trust and discovering faith and power within you. Pixie Dust Healing is home to: Bach flower essence healing Dr. Edward Bach developed 38 Bach flower essences in the 1930s as a self-help method to balance emotions and promote healing. Bach Flower remedies can address emotions, conditions and behaviours in adults, children, and animals.

Heather MacKenzie-Carey, the founder of Pixie Dust Healing, comes from a medical background and has worked as a health educator, paramedic, teacher, and in counselling and consulting capacities. Today Heather believes in a complementary approach to health. She believes conventional medicine can be supplemented, supported and sometimes replaced with alternative practices, modalities and medicines. Heather specializes in essence therapy and is a Registered Bach Flower Practitioner.

Since the age of twelve Heather has been a writer. With her research, teaching and writing skills Heather strives to explain the world of alternative modalities that can often be a confusing mix of possibilities. She helps clients find a safe and effective match for their healing needs. Heather combines science and intuition to promote inner healing for adults, children and animals.

The “Sweet Shack and Bach Bar” is creative non-fiction. With the aid of Wise Woman counsel, a talented cat, and a bit of magic, characters are eased through chakra development with Bach Flower essences and comfort food. With “try this at home” recipes for each of the chakras, and actual descriptions of the Bach Flower indications, this book is food for the body as well as the soul. Melvin’s Balloons Children’s books should celebrate and honour the inner knowing that children bring into this world.

In “Melvin’s Balloons“, the moon (Melvin) explains the link between emotions and the colours of the chakra system in a unique and entertaining way children of all ages can enjoy. If you’ve ever cried over a lost balloon – this book is a “must read.”